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Life Synopsis

Born in 1890, Harland Sanders knows that he's destined for great
things – he just doesn't know what yet. He tries every career he can think of:
farmer, railroad engineer, amateur lawyer, gas station owner, you name it. But his is
not an easy life. Not only do many of his careers falter, his first marriage fails and he loses
his beloved son. At age 65, he's left completely broke and out of work. But all is not lost.
He has the love of his second wife, Claudia, and while he may have lost all of his fortune and
business, he is armed with his first social security check in one hand and the world's best recipe for
fried chicken in the other.

At a time when most people decide to slow down and enjoy retirement, Harland Sanders has an idea and
a vision: to give the world some of the best home-cooking it's ever known. It's not long before future
governor John Y. Brown Jr. learns about this fantastic new "Kentucky Fried Chicken" and buys the rights
to franchise a restaurant based on the recipe – and the image of the Colonel himself. Thus begins one of the most
successful (and contentious!) partnerships in business history, not to mention a trailblazing fast food empire.

In 1977, the Colonel is called before Congress to testify on behalf of, perhaps, his greatest
contribution of all: his accomplishments as a senior citizen. When asked his thoughts on the idea
of a mandatory retirement age, he tells Congress – and the world – that older people still matter.
It's never too late to achieve happiness and self-worth. It only takes an idea and hard work.

Colonel Sanders, known throughout the world, is the great Kentucky success story!

Bo List - "THE COLONEL SANDERS STORY: A Finger-Lickin' Good Musical"

The Friends of Colonel Sanders (FCS) are a diverse group of locals who recognize the importance and worth of our most famous citizen, the Colonel Harland Sanders. Our desire is to honor his memory in bronze.

FCS organized in 2009 and has successfully procured land donated by Corbin Tourism Commission to develop this worthwhile project.

Our groundbreaking ceremony took place on March 12, 2011 in the heart of downtown Corbin in a formerly blighted property. With this step, we will rebuild and revitalize our proud heritage and solidify for future generations the connection to our beloved Colonel. We take with us daily his example of perseverance and courage and move diligently forward to our goal.

2011 MAR 14 - Ground broken at Sanders Park

2011 MAR 2 -
Groundbreaking Scheduled For The "Secret Recipe Garden" - Tour SEKY.com (PDF)

2011 MAR 2 - Sanders Park groundbreaking set for March 12 - TheTimesTribune.com

2011 FEB 16 - Sanders Park groundbreaking this March - TheTimesTribune.com

2010 DEC 15 - Tourism Commission buys downtown property for Colonel Sanders Park - TheNewsJournal.net

2010 OCT 13 - Sanders Park is coming to Corbin - TheTimesTribune.com

2010 OCT 13 - First phase of Colonel Sanders Park likely to break ground in March - TheNewsJournal.net

2010 MAY 12 - Sanders Park receives $20,000 grant - TheTimesTribune.com

2010 JAN 4 - Corbin plans to fundraise with bricks for Sanders statue - TheTimesTribune.com

2009 NOV 17 - Sanders statue a possibility - TheTimesTribune.com

2009 OCT 21 - Tourism looks to capitalize on Sanders - TheTimesTribune.com

Donors List

Tom and Peggy Moore
Cloyd & Associates
Whitaker Bank
Steve & Betty Surmont
The Lanes
Moye Family
John Chester
Col. Bob Thompson
Hyde Clan
Joe Caldwell
Rev. John Burkhart
Tri-County Cineplex
Yum Brands
JR Neal
Don Robinson
Kim Barton
Tonda Frazier
Don Barton
Patricia Payne
Lorene Hodge Memorial Group
Elizabeth Osborne
KFC Corporation

Paul & Shirley Jones
Hometown Bank
Mike Sparks Insurance
Maggie J's
Don & Judy Estep
Archie & Karen Marr
Hart Funeral Home
Elks Lodge
L&N Credit Union
Kelvin & Wendy Hart
GN Hensley
Dr. Brent Chumbley
Margaret Keith
Kiwanis Club
Morton Pharmacies
Insurance Services Center
Whitley County Tourism
Barton, Watts & Perry
Horace Partin
Cassie Smith
Laura Clifton
Bill Hacker
Patricia Browning

Distad family
Alan Galleries
Premier Homecare
Jamie Norvell
Sam Ballou
Drs. Keith & Susie Gibson
Tom & Charlene Blair
Donnie Lloyd
Ann Hoskins
Kathleen Grega and family
Martin Fisher
Harold Adkins
CHS Class of ‘72
Redhound Reunion ‘72-‘82
Belva Hungerbuhler
Ron Hungerbuhler
Norvell Family
Bob Terrell, Sr.
Guy Jones
Walter Lee
Applied Information
Billie Ruth Setser
Beverly Logterman